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Jinling Petrochemical start North Jiangsu diesel pipeline construction

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Jinling Petrochemical start North Jiangsu diesel pipeline construction

Release date: 2016-12-20 Author: Click:

 Original title: Jinling Petrochemical start North Jiangsu diesel pipeline construction
March 18, Jinling Petrochemical Oil Storage and Transportation Department finished the work area officially started construction of the North Jiangsu diesel pipeline lines, diesel oil in Suzhou Jinling Petrochemical This is the factory following the South Korean pipeline, another fast channel outside the northern Jiangsu consumers Provide better diesel resources.
It is understood that the construction of pipelines from the Jinling Petrochemical finished tank area, the new diesel oil factory line has been connected to the plant has been paid to Qixia depot diesel line, and then through the river pipeline, directly connected to the north of the Yangtze River North Jiangsu diesel pipeline system, Including the transformation of the pump and factory pipelines of the new and improved.
The relevant person in charge of the project, this line involves the pipeline with the Nanjing Oil Company pipeline meet, the scene is complex, difficult construction, and more in the tank area of hot work, safety and environmental risks, for the early organization of Jinling Petrochemical Good construction content of the discussion, careful preparation of construction programs and special safety program, the implementation of on-site monitoring and inspection. From the beginning of the project construction, on the organization of noon and evening overtime work to ensure the quality of construction, safety and progress.

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