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Wujiang lubricants that can be degradable green lubricant will have a faster development

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Wujiang lubricants that can be degradable green lubricant will have a faster development

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Wujiang diesel oil Wujiang lubricants in energy saving and environmental requirements are increasingly stringent driven by the oil production process is also constantly improve and develop. As the development of low-viscosity multi-level energy-saving oil, not only can save the engine fuel 2% -6%, and extend the oil drain period to 15,000 km or more, but also can double the sewage discharge reduction. Therefore, the US gasoline engine oil, from 1972 to the SE level, to today's SJ, SK level, and then developed to SJ / GF-2-based, diesel engine oil from the CC to CD, CE, GG-2 level Wait. Western Europe, Japan and other developed countries, but also vigorously develop low-viscosity multi-level high-grade engine oil. At present, Japan's multi-stage gasoline engine oil, the market share of almost 100%, Europe and the United States are also more than 80%, which require a viscosity index of 95-140 base oil, and viscosity index higher than 100 base oil, The traditional solvent processing, from the production of paraffin-based crude oil is very difficult, with intermediate-based crude oil production is not possible. But now the paraffin-based crude oil is less and less, over the years on the traditional solvent method, although the continuous innovation to improve, but the use of paraffinic base oil to produce viscosity index greater than 130 base oil, is also very difficult.
Therefore, over time, the chemical conversion of hydrogen production process, the rapid development in the world, in modern lubricants production process in the proportion of increasing. 1993 introduced a new generation of hydro isomerization conversion of ultra-high viscosity index or a new technology, the world's production capacity has reached 14.7 million tons, the rapid increase in hydrotreating capacity in many refinery high pressure Hydrotreating and solvent method sticking together growing; friction modifier and a variety of high-performance composite additives production, but also rapid growth; and heavy pollution and hinder the health of the production process, such as phenol refining, The clay will be replaced by NW (methyl pyrrolidone) and hydrogenation supplementation refining; the joint production of lubricating oil production equipment and oil wax production of the joint process, the computer in the production process and management in the implementation of network optimization control, But also the development of the trend; lubricants, additives manufacturers and users of major industries, the establishment of various forms of coordination organizations, co-ordinate the development of new varieties, will promote the upgrading of products. Poly-α-olefins and other synthetic oil will be a lot for the car engine, the rapid growth of production; biodegradable green lubricant, there will be a faster development of the industry.

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