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Wujiang lubricants used in food machinery safety is more important

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Wujiang lubricants used in food machinery safety is more important

Release date: 2016-12-20 Author: Click:

  Wujiang dieselWujiang lubricants found because of quality and safety problems caused by food and beverage recall incidents occur, "lean meat", "melamine", "waste oil", "brightener", food safety crisis is also increasing the probability of occurrence , And even faintly intensified trend. In fact, this situation not only exists in China, the United States "poisonous spinach" incident and "peanut butter salmonella contamination", the Japanese drug rice incident, food safety has developed into a global topic of concern.
Food safety crisis on the one hand, a serious threat to consumer health, on the other hand will give the food industry as a whole brand of food and the healthy development of a heavy blow. Especially in the current world economic situation, food and beverage processing enterprises are facing more challenges and pressures than ever before, they must be in a tight economic backdrop to ensure product safety, protect the brand reputation, improve the company's production capacity and expand profit margins.
Food and beverage processing enterprises to create a safe and sanitary processing environment, can not be ignored in the link also includes the lubrication system. In food processing and food processing and packaging machinery on the possibility of contact with lubricants, in order to make this accidental contact safe, harmless food, the international community is one of the main methods of access through the US National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) H1 or HT-1 certified food machinery lubricants. H1 or HT-1 food grade lubricant not only has excellent lubrication performance, can improve the performance of food processing equipment, but also to ensure that food from pollution, safe and reliable.
"The safety of lubricating oil will directly affect food safety, food safety is an important part of food-grade lubricants and ordinary lubricants the biggest difference is that the former raw materials and processes are non-toxic harmless to meet the food industry without Pollution requirements, "China Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Industry Association Secretary-General Yu-feng, including oil in the food processing link in the importance of attention," from the food safety and health point of view, China's food industry should also And gradually with the international standards of food-grade lubricants!
Food and beverage processing companies will use a variety of machinery, so that a set of food or beverage processing facilities for NSFH1 and HT-1 certified lubricants may be a heavy task. However, whether from the perspective of social responsibility, or from a business point of view, the use of food-grade lubricants products must be food processing enterprises need to understand and strictly enforce the industry standard.

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