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The main business processes of the market business department1, inquiry and quotation  I received the Secretary for inquiry, to offer customers; the two sides negotiate, the customer sent a formal order.2, distribution call   Distribution Department of Transportation according to the business department to do "distribution list" for distribution calls.3, planning arrangements   Business Assistant daily through timely delivery and delivery departments to determine the delivery time, place of delivery.4, after-sales return visit   At the delivery point to determine the goods on time, timely delivery to the delivery point.
Provide services:Shanghai, Suzhou and Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai region of oil suppliers15 years development of Suzhou Runsheng Fuel Co., Ltd. The establishment of a high-quality business team and experience and quality of both the storage and transportation team for your 24-hour provision of quality oil services.Oil supply services: I Yangtze River Delta region for industrial and mining enterprises and ships to provide diesel, fuel oil, lubricants, and other supply services.Oil transport services: Our company can provide customers with land and sea oil transport services.Oil storage and transit: Our company has a large oil depot and water routes, the location is excellent, can provide customers with a variety of oil and land and sea transit and storage services.
service items:
1 for industrial and mining enterprises to provide diesel, fuel oil, lubricants supply.2 vehicles for the ship lubricating oil services.In this case,Quality commitment:1 oil quality indicators: pass rate of 100%2 service quality indicators: customer satisfaction rate of 98% or more3 measurement of quality indicators: profit and loss rate of control within ± 3 ‰In this case,Pledge:Reasonable price, accurate measurement, timely supply, day and night service Yangtze River and the domestic coastal oil transportOur company is a professional waterway and road oil supply enterprises, with highly educated and high-quality staff and their own distribution logistics and transport, business integrity of the service and the arrival of the goods will allow you to trust the brand Runsun.
1 diesel, fuel oil, lubricating oil supply;2 water and land transport of oil;Shanghai, Suzhou and Jiangsu - Zhejiang - Shanghai region the best oil storage and transit baseI reservoir area, including bonded tanks, including 130,000 tons of oil reserves, including the tank area, the district facilities, rational planning, transport transit convenience, logistics and the concept of the combination of Suzhou, the company has become a set of storage, transit And the advantages of land and sea transport enterprises, is your preferred partner!
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