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Suzhou Runsheng Fuel Co., LtdTel: 0512-62895676Fax: 0512-65968956Contact: Mr. WangMobile: 13771921082E-mal: rsfuel@163.comWww.rsfuel.comAddress: Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, 198 North Road, Hong Kong

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modelShipments (tons)Price (yuan / ton)Freight
Country three diesel1TIn the oil collection station offer 200 yuan / ton400 yuan
Country three diesel2-5TListing price concessions 300 yuan / tonfree shipping
Country three diesel5-10TListing price concessions 500 yuan / tonfree shipping
Country three diesel10T or morePrices are negotiablefree shipping
Suzhou delivery within the scope of 1-2 hours: 24-hour refueling hotline:15862502618,0512-62895676

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